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    K5 Education is the name of our family educational business. We have several websites focused on educational topics for different groups. Our focus groups include teachers, counselors, and gifted parents and kids.

    Each of our communities has a separate set of needs and focus:

  • K5 Gifted is for parents and their exceptional children. Even though there is a strong emphasis on gifted children, the material can be tailored to learners of all types and abilities!
  • K5 Teachers focuses on the needs of classroom teachers. Let’s challenge those classrooms!
  • K5 Counselor provides support for Elementary School Counselors. We love supporting the supporters!

    We’ve got both! Please check our individual sites for the applicable Facebook page and Facebook group. Follow the page and join the group to be able to participate in the conversation!

    Each of our Communities provides a central location for quality lessons, activities, and other resources. Our blogs will address many of the questions that we have seen posted by counselors, teachers, and parents. Some blogs will include free related resources and lessons.

    Some of our Communities offer an Insider’s Club which provide regular emails packed full or useful information and resources!

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